Rank Markings

Our Rank Structure

Hutt Wairarapa Operational Support uses the same rank structure as the NZFS Standard. For the official rank markings used by the New Zealand Fire Service please refer to the Official NZFS Website.

The shoulder epaulettes worn are as follows:

Senior Station Officer Rank Marking Senior Station Officer SSO
The most senior member of HVFS wears the SSO rank and is in overall command of the unit. They report to the District Executive.
Station Officer Rank Marking Station Officer SO
The Unit SO's share command responsibilities with the SSO and are usually in charge of unit resources at an incident.
Senior Firefighter Rank Marking Senior Firefighter SFF
Senior Firefighter members are more experienced members of the unit who would be capable of providing leadership in the absence of an Officer.
Qualified Firefighter Rank Marking Qualified Firefighter QFF
A single bar on the epaulettes has been designated as the Qualified Firefighter within the Fire Service. This shows that the member has completed a prescribed level of training and is competent in all major disciplines associated with their role.
Firefighter rank marking Firefighter FF
The baseline rank worn by members of HWOS. This will show a member who has completed their probationary period but is yet to certify as 'Qualified Firefighter'.