Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2016

The Hutt Wairarapa Operational Support Unit were finalised in this years community awards. We were in a large class of 14 finalised in the Health & Wellbeing Category. Although we did not take out any top prizes it was great to be nominated and make the finalist list.


Image courtesy of SSO Bedford

ANZAC Day Services 2016

HWOS members attended ANZAC day parades and represented the NZFS at Upper Hutt, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt, Taita and Petone. The unit also provided a vehicle escort for Upper Hutt and Stokes Valley and assisted with rolling road closures.

anzac1 anzac2 anzac3 anzac4
ANZAC Day Parades 2016

Images courtesy of SFF Bruce Key

Unit Dinner April 2016

Members and their partners attended a unit dinner at the Speights Ale House in Petone on Saturday 16th April. Not only was this an opportunity to socialise together but it was also a chance for members to say goodbye to three of our members. Liam and William have transferred to Silverstream Volunteer Brigade and Andre has transferred to Trentham Volunteers. We wish the three of them all the very best in their new adventures.


Image courtesy of QFF Mark Foster

Event - Opening of Upper Hutt Train Station

The official opening of the new Upper Hutt Train Station was on Saturday 12th December. The unit was asked to assist with traffic management and crowd control.

Upper Hutt Train Station Train Station and Train Platform
The new Upper Hutt train station

Images courtesy of SFF Bruce Key

Event - Upper Hutt Xmas Parde

The Upper Hutt Xmas Parade was held on Sunday 6th December, 3pm. As is our normal practice the unit assisted with road closures, marshalling floats and clearing the roads after the parade.

Upper Parade Fire Safety Buzzy Santa
The Upper Hutt Santa Parade 2015

Images courtesy of SFF Bruce Key

Honours awards and a farewell 2015

The unit got together to celebrate members honours for this year. These are awards that are presented to volunteers within the Fire Service for their service

Congratulations to the following members who received their awards

NZFS Honours

3rd Clasp LSGC (35 years)
•SO Phil Campbell

Gold Bar
•SO Phil Campbell (35 years)

Silver Bar
•SO Rosanne English (17 years)
•SFF Steve Biddle (17 years)
•QFF Jackie Breen (13 years)
•SFF Alex Roberts (11 years)
•SFF Megan Chambers (7 years)

As well as celebrating our honours we also bid farewell to one of our members who has now retired SFF Dave Robinson. He was presented with his 40 years certificate.

We wish Dave well for the future and thank you for your service to the unit.

LSGC Medal Presentation 2015

On Saturday 14th Feb 2015 the Mayor of Upper Hutt Mr Wayne Guppy presented SFF Steve Biddle with his Long Service Good Conduct medal representing 14 years of service to the NZFS.

Branding decals displayed on RIMU 4928 HWOS members and employers HVFS members and employers Uniforms
HVFS members with their employers and co-owners of businesses with RIMU 4928 displaying the newly unveiled employer recognition decals

Images courtesy of SFF Alex Roberts

Employer Recognition Presentation Feb 2015

On Saturday the 14th Feb 2015 the unit recognised the valuable contribution made by member's employers. Employer Recognition certificates were presented to business representatives by the NZ Fire Service Area Manager for the Hutt Wairarapa region AM Gavin Dunphy.
Members and invited guests celebrated with afternoon tea provided by the NZFS.

Participating employers are offered benefits such as having their brand displayed on fire service vehicles as a public acknowledgement of their support and the use of the Fire Service Employer Programme in their own advertising.

Participating employers and representatives of Hutt Wairarapa Operational Support members were presented with certificates which can also be displayed in a prominent area of the workplace for public and colleagues to view.

Companies, employers or businesses recognised include: