Honours awards and a farewell 2015

The unit got together to celebrate members honours for this year. These are awards that are presented to volunteers within the Fire Service for their service

Congratulations to the following members who received their awards

NZFS Honours

3rd Clasp LSGC (35 years)
•SO Phil Campbell

Gold Bar
•SO Phil Campbell (35 years)

Silver Bar
•SO Rosanne English (17 years)
•SFF Steve Biddle (17 years)
•QFF Jackie Breen (13 years)
•SFF Alex Roberts (11 years)
•SFF Megan Chambers (7 years)

As well as celebrating our honours we also bid farewell to one of our members who has now retired SFF Dave Robinson. He was presented with his 40 years certificate.

We wish Dave well for the future and thank you for your service to the unit.