Callouts 2012

Date Description Role
January 8 Balloon Accident, Carterton lighting required
February 24 Flooding Call, Uppre Hutt Acquavac and general salvage duties
March 2 Structure fire, Upper Hutt Road blocks, Lightening and Canteen
March 3 Flooding Call,Tree over power lines (Weather Bomb), Wainuiomata Acquavac and general salvage duties, traffic control
March 17 Hazmat Call, Upper Hutt Traffic control and scene safety
April 30 Scrub Fie, Silverstream Road Closure, traffic control
May 12 House Fire, Taita Road Closure, Lighting and Canteen
May 18 Dental Climic Fire, Lower Hutt Lighting and Traffic Control
May 27 Office Fire, Naenae Lighting and Acquavac duties
June 24 Boat Sinking, Seaview Canteen
July 31 Train Accident, Lower Hutt Lighting
September 3 Branch on Powerlines, Stokes Valley Traffic control
September 16 House Fire, Naenae Road Closure and Crowd Control
September 23 Truck Accident, Pinehaven Lighting and canteen
October 8 Flooding call, Upper Hutt cquavac and general salvage duties
October 12 Car off road,Rimutaka Hill road Traffic control and Canteen
November 5 House Fire, Petone Traffic control and Lighting
November 15 House Fire, Petone Traffic Control and Canteen
November 22 Scrub Fire, Upper Hutt Road block and traffic control
December 16 Scrub Fire, Upper Hutt Road block and traffic control
December 17 Flooding call, Maungaraki Aquavac and Salvage