Callouts 2013

Firecalls for 2013:

Date Description Role
January 1 Scrub Fire, Upper Hutt Road closure and crowd control
January 2 House Fire, Upper Hutt Lighting and salvage
January 31 Gas Leak, Stokes Valley Crowd control, Evucation
February 20 House Fire,Taita Traffic and crowd control
February 23 House Fire,Taita Lighting, Road closure and Canteen
March 4 House fire, Wellington Salvage
April 7 House Fire, Naenae Road Closure, Crowd control/td>
May 18 MVA, Upper Hutt Lighting, Road Closure and Canteen
June 1 Building Fire,Lower Hutt Lighting, Road closure, Canteen and salvage
August 8 Building flooding, Petone Aquavac and Salvage
August 16 House fire, Silverstream Lighting and salvage
August 18 building Fire, Lower Hutt Road Closure and lighting
August 23 Building Fire, Lower Hutt Road closure, crowd control, Traffic control, communications and canteen
September 17 NVA, Upper Hutt Traffic Control
September 20 Building flooding, Lower Hutt Aquavac and Salvage
October 6 House Fire, Naenae Traffic control and Lighting
October 21 House Fire, Lower Hutt Traffic Control and lighting
November 1 Building Fire, Upper Hutt Road block and traffic control
November 12 Building Fire, Upper Hutt Traffic control
December 1 Substation fire, Haywards Hill Traffic control
December 2 Scrub Fire, Lower Hutt Traffic control, Communications and Canteen
December 3 Building flooding, Lower HuttHutt Aquavac and Salvage
December 8 House Fire, Upper Hutt Traffic and crowd control, lighting
December 9 house fire, Upper Hutt Traffic control